Project: Three-Disc DVD/Blu-Ray Box Set Packaging
Role: Design
Team: Sarah Habibi, William Brese

Client: The Criterion Collection

•• Martin Scorsese's World Cinema Project is comprised of 6 films in 3 digi-packs. The idea is to release these sets once or twice a year, so the design needed to be a system that could be replicated over time. My idea was to create a flexible grid and color scheme that could change from release to release. I'm excited to see the second set come out to show how the system flexes. 

Future releases would follow the same style, but would use different colors and express the grid in different ways.

For box-sets, the magic is often in the details. Lining the box with a pattern, subtle consistency throughout, etc...

Eeach digi-pack contained a DVD for each film as well as a Blu-Ray with both films. DVDs were treated with red embellishment while the Blu-Rays were, obviously, blue.

When it comes to ligatures, I just can't help myself. 

Seeing the system through to the DVD menus. Blu-Rays have a standard interface, but with DVDs we create custome designs for each release. 

A sample "Chapters" screen. 

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