Project: Interactive Installation
Role: Creative Director
Team: Tim Barber, John Whitmore, Chelsea Davidson, Grayden Poper, Pete Schirmer

•• The Tesla retail experience is a designed to bring visitors closer to Tesla's amazing vehicles and technology. Situated in high foot-trafic locations, the boutique-sized stores mix tactile, hands-on materials with sophisticated interactive kiosks to create an experience that is truly unique. I led the ideation, design and development for the interactive installations. The "Design Studio" enables visitors to imagine their own version of a Tesla super car while the "Go Electric" kiosk answers common questions about electric vehicles. Customers alter factors such as speed, temperature, environment, location and local fuel prices to see how each affects performance, cost of ownership and overall emissions. These kiosks are installed in Tesla stores all over the world. 

The Tesla showroom is an orchestrated flow between tactile materials and interactive touchscreen experiences.

The "Design Studio" allows visitors to imagine their own Tesla.

More than just selecting options, the kiosk is designed to provide additional information about what sets Tesla's features apart. 

The tray packs up certain options to enable casual exploration, but can be opened for more detailed discovery.

The secondary states make use of Tesla's stunning photography.

The "Go Electric" kiosk educates users on what it means to own an electric vehicle. 

The "Go Electric" kiosk educates users on what it means to own an electric vehicle. 

Understanding how charging impacts long-distance road trips. 

Allowing users to learn about the options for at-home charging.

A deep, robust experience with a small footprint. 

Digital Products, Installations and Platforms

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