Project: Three-Disc DVD/Blu-Ray Box Set Packaging
Role: Design
Team: Sarah Habibi, William Brese

Client: The Criterion Collection

•• This was one of the most challenging projects that I've done for The Criterion Collection. It was their 500th release, so there was a lot of pressure and scrutiny.

For the covers I created "scenes" to reference the subjet matter of the films. For Rome Open City, a jagged map to reference the way that occupying forces carved up Rome to control the citizen population. For Paisan, a close-up of a torn American flag. For Germany Year Zero, rubble, a reference to the utter distruction of war. I am very proud of my work on this project and consider it one of my best. 

Honoring the past while eneabling a new generation to learn from one of cinema's finest. 

Each title had its own theme, with typography and texture to link them. 

Rossellini is a humanist at heart, and in spite of that, we made a decision not to feature people on the covers. This was to add greater emphasis on the inhumanity of war. We used inside covers and the box lining to showcase the films' many characters. 

"Paisan"  is actually made up of six shorter films. So for the inside spread I made a grid of imagery from each film. 

Wisdom from the master. 

"Rome Open City" Menus: Chapter Detail Screen

"Germany Year Zero" Menus

"Germany Year Zero" Menus: Introduction Screen

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