Project: Six-Disc DVD/Blu-Ray Box Set Packaging
Role: Design
Team: Sarah Habibi, William Brese

Client: The Criterion Collection

•• For The Essential Jacques Demy packaging I wanted to do something playful and bright. Demy is known for the musical nature of his films, and even when the subject matter turns dark, he does it in a way that never gets too heavy. The colors in his films are often very vibrant, so I chose a palette to match.

The idea of cut paper came from a desire to bring in an element of fun and experimentation. It reminded us of Matisse’s cut outs, which felt fitting. 

The challenge with systems is to make something that feels consistent without feeling boring or expected. 

Making the most of Demy's vibrant colors.

Each digi-pack contained a Blu-Ray as well as a DVD of the film. 

"Bay of Angels" Menus: Chapter Screen

"Donkey Skin" Menus: Supplements Detail Screen

"Une Chambre En Ville" Menus

"Une Chambre En Ville" Menus: Chapter Screen

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