Project: DVD/BluRay Packaging
Role: Design
Team: Sarah Habibi, William Brese

Client: The Criterion Collection

•• Hollis Frampton was a very interesting filmmaker. Super expirimental, challenging and inspiring. For one of his films he created shots of letterforms by zooming way in on typewriter hammers, so the letters looked kind of embossed. Inspired by that visual experimentation and effect, I used my typewriter to type the title into aluminum foil, and then photographed it to use on the cover.

We also had hand-written notes from Frampton that I used to create letterforms for titling throughout the packaging.  

The spine typography was recreated from letters that Hollis had written. 

Using a variety of imagery to characterize Hollis' ecclectic output. 

The release contained a number of films and art pieces, each one needed meta data and additional information to provide context. 

A rich legacy of experimentation and artistic expression. .

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